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SEA-Media logo showing words and waterStill Hope Productions is a founding sponsor of the nonprofit SEA-Media, the go-to place for media about our Northwest waters. SEA-Media.org contains reviews of relevant books, artwork, movies, music, photos, and even games, especially independent media that isn't easy to find.
From 2006 to 2011, Still Hope Productions produced the Underwater TV series:
to take you for a video journey to meet our neighbors who live in the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

    Length: half hour
    Where: iTunes, blip.tv, and on over 60 community stations

Upcoming Video Presentations

Water and Our Connections to Puget Sound
Water is the soul of Puget Sound. Getting to know the many relationships we have with our local waters is the key to getting to know Puget Sound itself.

Come see marvelous visual stories of crabs, sand spits, jellyfish, cars, streams, rats with wings, trash, salmon, and our assorted connections with these. Spend some quality screen time with our animal and plant friends who live in the marine waters, on the beaches, and in the watershed, then be prepared to make your interactions with them more mindful.

Our Puget Sound, In Depth
7 May 2014,    7 p.m.
McCullum Park, WSU Extension Office
600 128th St. SE
Everett, Washington 98208

Return of the Plankton
(27 min) brings to light the wealth of life in the Pacific Northwest marine ecosystems. 

Art and science come together in an exciting video journey underwater in Puget Sound. 

"Everyone that's seen the DVD or has kids that have is very impressed, yours truly included."
--Alexander Shor, Program Director
    Division of Ocean Sciences
    National Science Foundation